Fred og Marcao(2)

Hugleiðingar Pedro Hipolito

My coming to Fram?
What motivated me to come to Fram, first the history of the club. It is a club with a huge history, with many titles conquered and that had excellent teams. But at the moment Fram is a sleeping giant and helping to wake up this club is a great motivation for me and the reason why I have accepted the invitation for the next two years.
The strategy and project of the Chairman for Fram is very interesting and important.

Icelandic Football.
Icelandic football is aggressive and intense, games are never easy and it´s difficult to win. Today, the Icelandic player is seen in Europe as a quality player with strong competitive ability. The performance of the National Team is brilliant, and it helped a lot to show Icelandic football.

Facilities of Icelandic Football Teams (and comparison with 2nd League Portuguese)
I found in Icelandic club’s good facilities for the development of their different teams, good fields of natural and artificial turf. Despite the weather in the winter, the teams can develop their work. The biggest difference I found in relation to Portugal is that in Portugal the teams are all professionals, players, coaches and staff. They have no other job. All clubs have medical department, scouting department and team observation.

The mind set of young players both here and abroad.
The young Icelandic player has a great passion for football. Many have the desire to be professional players and to make an international career. The biggest difference is the parents’ meddling in the work of the coaches and club and the permeability of the club to this intrusion, which slows down the process of growth and independence of the young player.

Inkasso League 2018
I think the competition will be stronger than last season. We have many teams with the prospect of promotion to the Pepsi League. The games will be very difficult, aggressive and physical. It’s going to be a very interesting championship in 2018.

What we have to offer in Fram?
Fram is organizing itself to become more competitive and professional. It is a job that takes time but is being done with great care.
Today and even more in the future, being a Fram player is the opportunity to stay in the club’s history, grow as a player and professional, and win the opportunity to compete in different countries or markets. Step by step, Fram will be stronger and being a Fram player will be a source of pride and opportunity for growth.

What do we have to do to be a better team?
Have more quality and be much more competitive.
Build a different mentality across all sectors of the club.
Fram is a club with a huge historical dimension, with many important achievements and not the club that was already big and now has no dimension and in which only some people believe.
It’s a long way, we’re going to have some challenging times, but with everyone’s help we can grow a lot and start returning Fram to the dimension it belongs to. Fram will never be small, this story will not allow it and we must honor it.

International Football
The big business of clubs is selling players. This is the great support for the financial life and survival of the clubs. To put these players on the market, it is important for the individual quality of the player but also the team. The more games you win, the more value your players have.
Fram is building a strategy to start entering and opening up business opportunities in international football. With this strategy, Fram players will have opportunities to be seen and observed by clubs and agents from different markets, just as Fram can receive quality players to have profitability in the short / medium term.

Pedro Hipolito Head Coach.

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